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 Congress Committees
South India Centre Congress Advisory Committee : Damodar Mauzo, Arsia Sattar, Ganesh Devy
Reception Committee : Chair, Sachin Itkar : Exhibitions & Vari Committee : Chair, Sandesh Bhandare


Translation and Linguistic Rights

Founded in Stockholm in 1978, the Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee believes that all languages and literatures have the right to be written, read and heard, whether spoken by millions of people across the world or by just a few…

Writers for Peace

The Writers for Peace Committee was created in 1984, an era during which writers found it especially difficult to collaborate across the East–West divide of the Cold War…

Writers in Prison

Established in 1960 in response to increasing attempts to silence voices of dissent by imprisoning writers and journalists, the WiPC works on behalf of persecuted writers worldwide, monitoring between 700-900 cases across the globe each year.

Women Writers

The committee reaches out to both aspiring and practising women writers through PEN Centres and other organisations and networks, and works with the Writers in Prison Committee on behalf of incarcerated or endangered women writers.







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