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  The Congress 2018

Mahatma Gandhi, the most haloed proponent of Truth and Non-Violence in modern history, was born on the 2ndOctober 1869.  The twelve months from October-2018 to September-2019 are going to be celebrated as the 150th year of Gandhi’s birth.

The PEN International Congress in India is timed to inaugurate the year long commemoration. The title of Gandhi's celebrated autobiography 'My Experiments with Truth' provides the caption for the Congress-2018. The Gandhian values of Truth and Non-violence will be one of the main thematic focus of the Congress.

India is home for an amazingly large diversity of culture and language. The People’s Linguistic Survey of India created and headed by PEN Member Ganesh Devy has surveyed 780 living languages. Many of them have active oral or written literary expression. The PEN-Congress 2018 will bring face-to-face the international PEN community and representatives of several hundred Indian languages. Thus, diversity will be the other thematic focus of the Congress-2018.

The Indian Constitution guarantees the Freedom of Expression as an inalienable right to all Indian citizens. In recent years, many writers, artists, film-makers and thinkers in India have found it necessary to reassert this right. The movement for ‘Freedom of Expression’, Dakshinayan (literally, ‘going south’) will join the PEN community in celebrating Freedom of Expression during the Congress-2018.

    Freedom, Truth and Diversity are the three thematic axes for the Pen Congress-2018


Conference Director

Ganesh Devy

Conference Committee

Arshia Sattar
Damodar Mauzo
Kavitha Murlidharan
Kanann Sundaram