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Among the iconic places related to Gandhi’s life are the two ‘Ashrams’ ( communes) he created at Ahmedabad and Wardha, the  village Dandi known for the salt–satyagraha/protest

and the spot where he was assassinated in January 1947 in Delhi. All these are world famous as the Gandhi-sites.

There is one more important place intimately related to the Gandhi-saga, and that is the Aga-Khan Palace in Pune, Maharashtra, a 150 kms south of  Bombay. It was here that he was kept prisoner for several years and here that his wife and the most trusted life-companion Kasturba died while in prison. Mahadev Desai, the Boswell-like figure in Gandhi’s life and his closest associate for decades, too breathed his last at the same location, leaving Gandhi a forlorn figure, the great tragic hero of modern Indian history.

The venue chosen for the PEN-Congress 2018 Hotel Hyatt Regency is situated at a few minutes walking distance from the Aga Khan Palace.  

A symbolic Inaugural Ceremony for the PEN Congress-2018  in the form of a silent tribute will be held on the 25th September evening at the Gandhi Memorial in the erstwhile prison.





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